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Mick Tiny Hat Monkey Wreath


Mick can often be found spinning records at over 70 singles parties. He loves flat ginger ale and talking about rare LPs.

Tiny Hat Monkey Wreaths
This year’s collection consists of 11 Tiny Hat Monkey Wreaths which measure 9 inches tall, 9.5 inches across and 3.5 inches thick.
They are made with a premade base that I sealed for more stability. Each vintage monkey face has been hand stitched onto a laser cut felt heart. Their faux fur has also been hand stitched on to frame their adorable little faces. My favorite part of these wreaths are the tiny felt hats that I made with a combination of hand stitching, machine sewing, stuffing and gluing. Each hat is unique and perfectly suits their monkey’s style. An additional felt heart and other small accents add color and dimension to each piece.